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Porn Review Date: August 24, 2013
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Tiny Fetish Fun is definitely a unique porn site that will turn on those who get off to life sized women eating, crushing or destroying little toy men. You’re really going to have to click through Tiny Fetish Fun to see the videos for yourself. I personally have never seen anything like this in my life. You have the chance to read our Tiny Fetish Fun review and see if the site is worth joining to you! I admit, it’s definitely something most people haven’t seen before. On with the review!

Things We Liked About Tiny Fetish Fun

Well Designed Homepage

The homepage of Tiny Fetish Fun is well designed. I couldn’t believe how nice and easy to use it was. I clicked through the site and saw the tour, giving me a taste of the content to be enjoyed inside.

Hot Scenes Included

The women in these 42+ scenes are extremely attractive. We get to see these hotties do a bunch of naughty things to these toy men on camera. They love to sit on them, smother them, eat them and other things that would otherwise humiliate or belittle them. These toy men aren’t real, but the women are! Tiny Fetish Fun definitely has a selection of porn that you’ve never seen before.

DVD Quality Videos

Tiny Fetish Fun comes to you with scenes in 960 x 540 resolution. There are no HD quality videos provided right now. We hope in the future that Tiny Fetish Fun adds better quality scenes.

Download Videos

You can only download videos to your computer in WMV file format. We hope to see videos offered to users via flash playback in the future.

Things We Didn’t Like About Tiny Fetish Fun

No New Updates

Tiny Fetish Fun doesn’t seem to updating at this time. Hopefully in due time new videos are tossed into the mix.

No HD Quality

Tiny Fetish Fun brings you DVD quality only. So far, there is no sign of high definition videos.

No Video Streaming

Tiny Fetish Fun doesn’t allow videos to be streamed to your computer screen. For the moment, you must download them to your PC!

Should You Join Tiny Fetish Fun?


Tiny Fetish Fun is definitely a fetish porn site directed to those that enjoy seeing toy men being smothered, humiliated and eaten. This site definitely doesn’t target the majority of people, and will likely only turn a certain selection of people on. Our Tiny Fetish Fun review was okay, but needed improvement. The site needs to update, bring better quality and allow for video streaming. I did appreciate the fetish videos for what they were, the downloads were savable without issues and the site was cleanly designed. Join Tiny Fetish Fun Now, CLICK HERE!

About Tiny Fetish Fun

  • High Res Pics:
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  • DRM Protection:
  • Streaming Videos:
  • Download Limits:
  • Video Formats:
  • Price Option 1: $20.95 Per Month

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Erotic Appeal 9/10
Ease Of Use 9/10
Video Selection 6/10
Picture Selection 6/10
Content Quality 7/10
Site Speed 9/10
Navigation 9/10
Bonuses / Extras 0/10
Price 7/10
Download Options 5/5
Streaming Options 0/5
Final Score: 67/100

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