How Do We Write Our Porn Reviews?

We go through the trouble to write our porn reviews so that people like you and I can learn about the site in question before actually joining it. There are a lot of porn review sites out there right now, and to their credit, each one brings a unique thought or opinion to help make the joining process easier on you. Should you join or shouldn’t you join a particular porn site depends on the site’s ranking. We rank porn sites on a variety of criteria to ensure that when you join a top ranked porn site, you’re getting the very best the Internet has to offer.

Erotic Appeal 9/10
Ease Of Use 9/10
Video Selection 8/10
Picture Selection 8/10
Content Quality 9/10
Site Speed 9/10
Navigation 9/10
Bonuses / Extras 8/10
Price 6/10
Download Options 5/5
Streaming Options 5/5
Final Score:85/100

Our porn site reviews undergo specific ranking criteria each time a review is published to Porn Site Report.

With a score out of 5 or 10, we tell you how the site fairs up against the competition. A bigger score means it’s a better porn site to join!

We try to rank sites as fairly as possible and tell you to consider the ones we really liked and to pass on the ones that we thought were really poorly developed. It’s in our best interest to give you accurate data, so you come back to read our porn reviews time and time again.

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