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Porn Review Date: September 4, 2013
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Amateur Desires is a porn site you’re going to love masturbating to if you like seeing young, hot babes sucking cock and getting fucked for the first time ever. Amateur Desires brings you stunning pictures and videos of different types of hot babes that you could be begging to fuck. Our Amateur Desires review is here to give you some insight on joining this site specifically. Here’s what we found in our complete porn review.

Things We Liked About Amateur Desires

Hot Homepage Design

We really thing that you’re going to love jerking off to Amateur Desires the minute you land on the opening page. The site design is amazing, simple and easy to browse. I loved clicking through the tour pics to get a feel about what the site is about.

Hot Videos Included

Amateur Desires comes loaded with many hot porn videos that you can enjoy immediately with membership access. I was very pleased with the quality of entertainment enjoyed. The problem is though, this review is somewhat incomplete due to the fact that this site is newer and we didn’t have a proper login to review the site. If you’re the site owner, please contact us to get your complete review up and running.

Things We Didn’t Like About Amateur Desires

New Site

The site is new, so we quite don’t know what else to say about it. If you’re the owner, please do contact us and we’ll update this porn review ASAP!

Should You Join Amateur Desires?


The site is brand new and we really don’t know too much about the site. We do know it launched in May 2013 and has some really interesting and exciting porn videos available on it. We just don’t know the specifics. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try the site out, please do go ahead and join. Again, if you’re the site owner, please message me using the contact page so we can get a full Amateur Desires review up there. Join Amateur Desires Now, CLICK HERE!

About Amateur Desires

  • Price Option 1: $29.95 Per Month

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Porn Site Ratings

Erotic Appeal 9/10
Ease Of Use 9/10
Video Selection 7/10
Picture Selection 6/10
Content Quality 7/10
Site Speed 9/10
Navigation 9/10
Bonuses / Extras 7/10
Price 7/10
Download Options 5/5
Streaming Options 5/5
Final Score: 80/100

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